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Let us introduce ourselves...

This is Callie. 

Photographer. Graphic Designer. Artist. Coffee aficionado. Birther of beautiful tiny people. Photoshop junkie. Poor housekeeper. Chronic over-thinker. Lover of all things whimsical. Has a wanderlust for good light.

Current Ambitions: Painting the living room crown molding. Learning to paint with watercolor. Finding the perfect recipe for pie crust. 


  • has the Delta in her blood
  • can wreak irreparable havoc on a computer with minimal effort
  • will never be too good for a hot dog
  • once drove a sharp knife through her hand trying to get at a can of green beans
  • lights up a room with her smile
  • can't handle Nicholas Sparks movies
  • Photographs from the the bottom of her heart

This is Brandon.

Hot sauce connoisseur, tech guy, designer, photographer, and toilet unclogger . By day he wrangles technology, by night he wrangles tiny humans. Proud husband. Food lover. Southern by the grace of God.


  • can fix anything
  • makes killer homemade caramel popcorn
  • plays through FFVII once a year
  • never poses for pictures
  • baby-wears like nobody's business
  • Squirrel Whisperer
  • bourbon neat