Tori & Matt's Engagement

OH these guys. 

I'm pretty sure they got sick of my involuntary high-pitched squeals of 'Oh my goodness! YA'LL ARE SO CUTE!!!!' My assistant Madison came with me on this session to hold a light card, and she and I just watched adoringly as everything this sweet couple did was just storybook-esque. I didn't even have to offer posing ideas, because they were just naturally adorable together. In fact, sometimes I would have an idea and start talking and then just say, oh wait! Nevermind! Just keep doing what you're doing. Ridiculous. Here, see for yourself!


I tried really hard not to post all of them. The struggle is real. I can't wait to witness these two on their special day together. They are truly very special together, and I am so incredibly grateful to play a small role in their ever after. <3