A Very Merry SPRING Tea Party

Sundresses in February... I'll take it. And so will Evelette! She had so much fun and was SO serious today at her beautiful little tea party. Tea is serious business, ya know.  She picked tiny little spring flowers, and shouted at birds, and cried when I asked her to look at the camera... you know how it goes. But I love these photos anyway... and I'll cherish this last minute thrown-together tea party when she's a rude 12 year old. <3

Time slow down! Wasn't I just snuggling this little one to sleep and teaching her to walk? Evelette, my love, you are growing up too fast! Don't every lose that gleam in your eye and that spunky sense of adventure. You never know what treasures you might find in a field of wildflowers. The world is your wonderland. <3