The Kellys

The Kelly Family Band

I have been SO eager to share these photos with you! I love, love, love how fun they are, and how perfect our location was, and how the strong bonds of family are so evident in all of them! This session was also fun because the Kellys and I go way back. Mark (Daddy Kelly) was actually my youth leader in high school...and yes! He survived it. We should get him a t-shirt. Read: "I survived teenage- Callie, circa 2005" :) He earned it.  And I have known Cate just as long. She has the sweetest spirit, and lights up everyone and everything around her. Then there is Kayden, who is just an exceptional young lady. And Cruze, and Cason! I could go on and on. But I'll just let the photos do the talkin'. Hope you enjoy.