Tori & Matt's Engagement

OH these guys. 

I'm pretty sure they got sick of my involuntary high-pitched squeals of 'Oh my goodness! YA'LL ARE SO CUTE!!!!' My assistant Madison came with me on this session to hold a light card, and she and I just watched adoringly as everything this sweet couple did was just storybook-esque. I didn't even have to offer posing ideas, because they were just naturally adorable together. In fact, sometimes I would have an idea and start talking and then just say, oh wait! Nevermind! Just keep doing what you're doing. Ridiculous. Here, see for yourself!


I tried really hard not to post all of them. The struggle is real. I can't wait to witness these two on their special day together. They are truly very special together, and I am so incredibly grateful to play a small role in their ever after. <3

Burns Wedding

This blog post is SO long past due, and completely out of order, but I just had to recap this precious couple that trusted me enough to let me attempt my first wedding! When they approached me about capturing their special day, I was hesitant to say yes... only because I had never shot a wedding before. But they were so sweetly confident in me and so encouraging, and the PERFECT clients to start with, so I said yes. And the rest is history. These are truly two of the most kind, sincere, attentive people I have ever met. And I hope your ever after is full of happiness. <3

Dawson Newborn Session

The thing that I LOVED about the Dawsons' newborn session was that they just wanted simple photographs of their tiny person. No fancy props, no giant tutus or photoshopped poses. They just wanted their beautiful baby, captured naturally, without distractions. Can I just say, YES! THIS is how I love to do newborn portraits! These timeless photos will never go out of style. They will never get tired of looking at simple images of their baby. And sweet little tiny enjoyed the simplicity too... See?

Backstrom Newborn

Newborn session are the longest, most physically taxing photo sessions that I do. I usually take a space heater, wear light clothing, pack a snack, and end up sweating and awkwardly hunched over sweet newborn baby for loooong periods of time. And I usually leave hungry and thirsty and ready to sleep for two days. BUT they are always some of my favorite session times with my clients! And I am always eager to photograph my next tiny person! I LOVE the extended time talking with new parents about sleeplessness and life-altering baby-love. For a brief time, I get to share in the JOY of welcoming a new person into the family. I get to play a small, yet timeless part in their story, and I get to witness the breathtaking beauty of life unfolding. The Backstrom family was no exception. They treated me SO well during their session, bringing me snacks and making sure I was comfortable... Weren't they the ones that just had the baby?? As I drove home from their session, tired and hot as usual, I was just SO incredibly thankful for the clients that the Lord has provided. I don't just have any clients... I have the most PRECIOUS ones imaginable.  


Mommy & Me

This year for Mother's day, I wanted to do something special to honor mommies and showcase that special bond that mothers have with their babies. These are the result! I love the magical light and the boho style of these sessions. They were gorgeous, relaxed, and PERSONAL. Lots of moms nursed during their sessions, so that they could have beautiful and special reminders of those intimate days with their babies. These are some f my favorites to date. I hope you love them too.


A Very Merry SPRING Tea Party

Sundresses in February... I'll take it. And so will Evelette! She had so much fun and was SO serious today at her beautiful little tea party. Tea is serious business, ya know.  She picked tiny little spring flowers, and shouted at birds, and cried when I asked her to look at the camera... you know how it goes. But I love these photos anyway... and I'll cherish this last minute thrown-together tea party when she's a rude 12 year old. <3

Time slow down! Wasn't I just snuggling this little one to sleep and teaching her to walk? Evelette, my love, you are growing up too fast! Don't every lose that gleam in your eye and that spunky sense of adventure. You never know what treasures you might find in a field of wildflowers. The world is your wonderland. <3

Welcome, Liam Brown!

Sweet Little Liam

Oh, sweet little Liam... How can I possibly describe how precious you are? 

I had never met the Brown family before our session a few weeks ago, but the minute they walked in they felt like instant friends. Liam's mom, Chandry, is stunningly pretty and so easy to work with. And his dad, Dante, is a pretty special guy, too. The love between a mother and her baby is such a special thing...and this is so true for Chandry. Her love for this sweet baby boy is so evident. But there is also something to be said about a dad who steps in and nurtures and comforts his newborn. And I was SO impressed at how Dante was able to quiet Liam and calm him to sleep... he had the MAGIC touch! This little blessing came just in time for the holidays, and I know he was the best gift these sweet parents got this Christmas. But ya know what, Liam? You got a precious gift, too-- two amazing parents, who love you to the moon and back. I can't wait to watch your story unfold... And I'm so thankful I was asked to be a part of the first chapter. <3

The Woffords

City Streets

The Woffords were SO fun to work with! They had a very specific vision for their photos-- they wanted soft and romantic, with an urban cityscape backdrop. It was challenging in the best kind of way! They were also a little anxious about being in front of the camera, so before the shoot I wondered if it would be a challenge to help them look natural and comfortable. NOT AT ALL! They were like models! So easy to work with and extremely coachable. I was just blown away at the chemistry between these two. Which I think is most notable because they have been married for four years!  Just goes to show... marriage doesn't put "the fire" out. It helps it burn brighter! ;) Hope you find these to be mysterious, romantic and cinematic, like I do! Now... Who's bringing us our next photographic challenge?

The Gorsuch Family

I met the sweet Gorsuch family the day of our session and could instantly tell they are a precious family! Remley (isn't that the cutest name?) is such a kind person!  So is their sweet two year old baby girl, Tam, who ran out to meet me at my car with a coloring page... just for me! And Little Rowan is such a handsome, stoic little guy. :) Anthony (daddy Gorsuch) is studying at RTS to be a Pastor, and I truly hope that these photos bless them and help them in their ministry and search for the perfect church family!

The Kellys

The Kelly Family Band

I have been SO eager to share these photos with you! I love, love, love how fun they are, and how perfect our location was, and how the strong bonds of family are so evident in all of them! This session was also fun because the Kellys and I go way back. Mark (Daddy Kelly) was actually my youth leader in high school...and yes! He survived it. We should get him a t-shirt. Read: "I survived teenage- Callie, circa 2005" :) He earned it.  And I have known Cate just as long. She has the sweetest spirit, and lights up everyone and everything around her. Then there is Kayden, who is just an exceptional young lady. And Cruze, and Cason! I could go on and on. But I'll just let the photos do the talkin'. Hope you enjoy.

The Jarvis Family

Lifestyle Session

I met this precious family through a mutual friend and was absolutely blown away by their story. Only a few short months before the birth of their sweet baby girl, this daddy-to-be contracted west nile and ended up in serious condition in the hospital for two months! Praise God, he is doing well now and they are all home together with an adorable new baby girl and a strengthened love for one another. I was so honored that they asked me to be their photographer and capture this season of life for them. Hopefully the next season will include rest and time spent enjoying one another! I got to meet sweet Birdie too, who is baby Eva's grandmother. The thing I love about the photos from this session... they just scream love. Right?


The Parkers

Milk and Cookies

I LOVE big families with LOTS of personalities. And I love building a relationship with them as I photograph them. Often I think we just think of children as children, but each one is so different and unique... They're tiny people! I love it when that shows up in my photos. The Parkers have been friends for several years now, and I had SO much fun playing with them last weekend.  Arryn (mommy Parker) is such a creative person, and her styling and creativity made working with them so fun.  Her husband, Adam, is studying to be a pastor at Reformed Theological Seminary and will graduate this May. I'm hoping these photos are a blessing to them as they send them out to churches and look for their new church home!

The Killens

Life on the Farm

Autumn light, the smell of hay, a precious little family, and dogs everywhere. That pretty much sums up my experience with the Killens! My kids and husband tagged along and had so much fun climbing the hay bale and chasing the dogs. These sweet friends are Mississippi organic farmers, and to our delight, they sent us home with an armful of freshly picked, yes. I will work for food.  Anyway, I love how these photos turned out. And hopefully you do too. 

Check out their website and sign up to receive fresh vegetables.