We blend innovation with remembering.

We are a modern media firm based in Mississippi. We tell tall tales in ones and zeroes.

We celebrate the marriage of technology to the art of remembrance. We think the blues is alright! And that William Faulkner would've had a killer twitter account. We are patently Southern - hopelessly nerdy - we just can't help ourselves.


Our customers are both people and brands. Nowadays, families and corporations promote on the same social channels - something unheard of since the 1960's ad revolution. Engagement announcements and product unveilings appear side by side, and we embrace that.

From the big, iconic moments of life, to the small yet beautifully ordinary -- From first love, to first home, to first birthday, we want to be there to capture it all.

We like you just the way you are - we never fix things that aren't broken. You already have a love-language, we exist to help you showcase it.

we: cultivate likeability
we: foster vision
we: nurture brilliance
we: stir emotion


Everyone has a Story worth telling.
Thank you for letting us tell yours.

♥ story street media



Portrait | Lifestyle

Tiny toes, dainty lace, subtle looks  -
Details make up the canvas of memory. 

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Professional | Commercial

Story Street Media is ready to create compelling content to showcase your product, brand or event. 

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Web and Social

iphone mockup 10.png

Let's make sure you're as charming online as you are in real life.

Beautiful websites make us smile. 
Whether you need help with your social accounts or a robust website rollout, we are here to help.

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